Need Help Choosing the Right Light Therapy Lamp?

No matter what HappyLight® Therapy Lamp you choose, you’re going to choose a great one. Our Quick Compare chart below will help you decide which of our popular light therapy lamps is right for you.






Price $39.95 $79.95 $44.95 $79.95
10,000 Lux
UV Free
Travel Friendly
Adjustable Brightness
HappyHue™Choose the shade of natural light that you prefer (aka 'color temperature')
Countdown Timer


Weight 1 lb 6 oz 1 lb 15 oz 1 lb 1 oz 1 lb 8 oz
Dimensions 6.25" x 7.5" x 3" 6.25" x 13" x 2" 6.5" x 8.5" x 0.5" 6.5" x 10.25" x 0.5"
Lens Size 20.25 sq in
4.5" x 4.5"
40.5 sq in
4.5" x 9"
35 sq in
5" x 7"
405 sq in
5" x 8"
KelvinA unit of measurement for HappyHue™ or color temperature. 6500K 6500K 5000K 4000K & 5000K
  • Features

    • $39.95
    • 10,000 lux
    • UV Free


    • Buib CFL
    • Weight 1 lb 6 oz
    • Dimensions 6.25" x 7.5" x 3"
    • Lens Size 20.25 sq in
      4.5" x 4.5"
    • Kelvin A unit of measurement for HappyHue™ or color temperature. 6500K
  • Features

    • $79.95
    • 10,000 lux
    • UV Free


    • Buib CFL
    • Weight 1 lb 15 oz
    • Dimensions 6.25" x 13" x 2"
    • Lens Size 40.5 sq in
      4.5" x 9"
    • Kelvin Choose the shade of natural light that you prefer - warm white or day light 6500K
  • Features

    • $44.95
    • 10,000 lux
    • UV Free


    • Buib LED
    • Weight 1 lb 1 oz
    • Dimensions 6.5" x 8.5" x 0.5"
    • Lens Size 35 sq in
      5" x 7"
    • Kelvin Choose the shade of natural light that you prefer - warm white or day light 5000K
  • Features

    • $79.95
    • 10,000 lux
    • UV Free


    • Buib LED
    • Weight 1 lb 8 oz
    • Dimensions 6.5" x 10.25" x 0.5"
    • Lens Size 405 sq in
      5" x 8"
    • Kelvin A unit of measurement for HappyHue™ or color temperature. 4000K & 5000K

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Not sure which HappyLight® Therapy Lamp to try? Have no fear! We will exchange your lamp or refund 100% of your purchase price if our product doesn’t meet your expectations in any way. Simply contact us, and we’ll make it right.


People can experience mood changes or sleep disorders when they find themselves deprived of natural light. A daily intake of light improves overall wellbeing and has powerful benefits for improved sleep, mood, energy, and focus. Like eating nutritious foods and exercising, bright light exposure is a great way to support a healthy lifestyle.






10,000 Lux

Optimal light intensity.

Research has found that anywhere between 2,500 and 10,000 lux is the ideal light intensity. Our light therapy lamps deliver up to 10,000 lux of natural light while making light therapy convenient and comfortable - even for those always on the go or sensitive to light.

  • More Flexible

    Freedom of movement.

    Our light therapy lamps have larger light surface areas, so the light reaches your eyes even when you move. Freedom of movement allows for a more flexible light therapy experience. Plus, our LED light therapy lamps are portable, which means that you can take your light therapy on the road - wherever, whenever.

  • More Comfortable

    Flicker-free, glare-free & hot spot free.

    Our unique Optix™ Glare Control lens eliminates uncomfortable glare and hot spots while providing an even distribution of light. Plus, our Flicker Elimination Technology™ design delivers a safer, more enjoyable light therapy experience. All which keep your eyes happy, too.

  • More Customizable

    Brightness & color settings.

    Each person’s response to light is unique like our fingerprints. Whether you’re a sun worshiper or prefer a more gentle daily dose of light, our one-of-a-kind features like customizable brightness and color settings create a more personalized light therapy experience.

Safe for Eyes & Skin

All of our light therapy lamps are uniquely formulated to be UV free. No need for sunblock with HappyLight® Therapy Lamps - just sit back, relax and soak up the sun.

*Please consult manual for usage recommendations and cautions


When in the day should I use my HappyLight® therapy lamp?

HappyLight® mimics morning sunlight, so it’s best to use your HappyLight® before noon. It’s not recommended to use it for an extended period of time in the afternoon or evening because bright light suppresses melatonin (the sleep hormone) and may interfere with your sleep. However, it is okay to use it briefly in the afternoon (for 10-15 minutes) for a quick pick-me-up.

For light therapy to work, you need to use it daily, so it’s best to use your HappyLight® while doing another activity already built into your daily routine – like eating breakfast, working, reading, checking emails, watching TV, etc.

How long should I use my HappyLight® therapy lamp?

We recommend starting with just 10 minutes and then working your way up to a longer amount of time. Slow and steady as they say. (See the product manual for instructions on doing a pre-test to gauge your sensitivity to light).

Everyone reacts to light differently, so it’s important to find the amount of time and distance that works best for you. Some people use a light therapy lamp for as little as 15 minutes a day while others will use the same lamp for 2+ hours. When you start to feel like you’ve had too much coffee or a little amped up from the light, you’ll know you’ve hit your own personal max.

How should I position my HappyLight® therapy lamp?

The light needs to enter directly into your eyes. Generally, a good position is on a desk or table at 10 o’clock or 2 o’clock. You can even position slightly higher than your eyes to mimic the angle of sunlight. Just like the sun, you don't want to stare directly at your HappyLight®, but you do need to be able to see it.

You also want to find a comfortable distance from the light. The closer the light is to you, the shorter the amount of time you will need to use the light to receive its full benefits. Many people (including most of the people in our own office) leave their HappyLight® at a distance of up to 2 feet and on for an hour or more while they work.

Are there any negative side effects from light therapy?

For most people, light therapy has no negative side effects (see the exceptions below). But it’s always best to talk with your doctor before starting a light therapy routine. If you feel like you’ve had too much caffeine or have trouble falling asleep, then you’ll want to cut back on the amount of time you use your HappyLight® and/or increase your distance from the light.

Mood Disorders - If you have a mood-related disorder, you should work with your mental health provider to decide if light therapy is the right course of action for you. Light therapy is not recommended for people with bipolar disorder unless under the strict care of a professional.

Eye Conditions - If you have a pre-existing eye condition, you should talk to your doctor before starting a light therapy routine. Some conditions, such as macular degeneration or retinitis pigmentosa may be made worse by exposure to bright light. When discussing this with your provider, make sure he or she is aware that Verilux products contain no UV light as this is a common misconception.

Does HappyLight® therapy lamp provide Vitamin D?

It can be a misconception that light therapy lamps provide Vitamin D, but light therapy lamps do not provide or help the body produce Vitamin D. The light works by entering your body through the eyes. Vitamin D is produced when sunlight enters your body through the skin.

How will I know if my HappyLight® therapy lamp is working for me?

Some people feel the results of light therapy immediately, some within a few days, some within a couple of weeks. It really depends on your individual response to light therapy and your consistency in using your HappyLight®; however, most feel the effects of light therapy within the first week with daily usage. You may notice one or a few of the following:

  • Increased energy
  • Improved mood
  • Better night's sleep
  • More focus and concentration
  • More productivity
  • Less carbohydrate cravings
How does light therapy work?

Sunlight is an essential ingredient for a healthy lifestyle, but many of us don't get the amount of bright light we need to experience its benefits. A light therapy lamp, like HappyLight®, brings daylight indoors by emitting a bright white, full spectrum light that safely mimics sunlight. As a result, it helps to enhance mood, energy, sleep and focus by regulating serotonin and melatonin. If you'd like more information, on our Light Therapy page you'll find an overview of the science behind light therapy.

What’s the difference between HappyLight® therapy lamp and other Verilux lamps?

All Verilux lamps & bulbs emit a natural, full-spectrum light that mimics daylight. What makes a HappyLight® different from our other products is the intensity of light that the HappyLight® emits. Just like the sun emits an intense, bright light, so does a HappyLight®. The technical term for measuring the intensity of light is “lux,” and it’s the amount of lux that’s important for treating winter blues effectively. Regular lamps and light fixtures don’t emit enough lux, and it’s the lux amount that makes light therapy lamps unique.

Also, for light therapy to work effectively, the light needs to be directed toward your eyes - that’s where the light enters your body. General purpose lamps direct light downward, but the HappyLight® directs the light toward your eyes also while keeping your eyes safe and comfortable.