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SmartLight LED Modern Floor Lamp - Graphite


New - the Next Generation SmartLight! This SmartLight LED Floor Lamp with Full & Natural Spectrum light is ideal for tasks, crafting and reading.

  • FULL SPECTRUM, LED LIGHT – Reduces eyestrain and helps you focus by replicating natural daylight.
  • COLOR TEMPERATURE & LIGHT INTENSITY ARE ADJUSTABLE – You can customize the light to the ideal setting and maximize comfort.
  • FLEXIBLE GOOSENECK ADJUSTABLE FLOOR LAMP – The light easily adjusts up and down and side to side to redirect the illumination.

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      The Verilux SmartLight LED Task Floor Lamp (available in white and graphite) features:

      • Natural-spectrum brilliance replicates the characteristics of natural daylight.
      • Long-lasting and energy-efficient LEDs, ideal for professionals, students, crafters, artists and hobbyists.
      • 5 settings to adjust intensity on a touch-operated light dimmer. You can customize the light if you need it to be easy on your eyes.
      • Color changing mode enables you to adjust the light color-temperature, measured in Kelvin) with 3 settings:
        • 5,000K to simulate bright white daylight contributes to visual clarity for artists, crafting and hobbyists
        • 4,000K setting for cool blue light for reading and concentration
        • 3,000K for warm, ambient light for relaxation
      • The SmartLight remembers the last light settings used, and delivers the same customized setting when turned back on.
      • Designed with flicker-free technology to ease eye fatigue so you can study or work longer.
      • Maximizes visual clarity with true-color rendering providing peak focus and precision.
      • Flexible and adjustable gooseneck so you can easily adjust the light source to whatever angle you wish.

      Additional Specifications

      • Simple touch settings and on/off sensor
      • Bulb: LED
      • Watts: 14
      • Lumens: 500 - 800 (varied based on setting)
      • CRI: > 80
      • Dimensions: 48"H x 10.5"W x 9"D (64"H when fully extended)
      • Weight: 11 lbs.
      • Cord length: 6 feet
      • Adapter: Input is 80-240 VAC, 50/60 HZ; Output is DC 19.2V, 0.65A
      • Material: Plastic & metal
      • 3 part assembly & Allen wrench key included (see user manual)
      • ETL listed in U.S. & Canada for safety recognition
      • IEC 62471 tested for blue light and UV safety
      • 1-Year Warranty for guaranteed customer satisfaction
      • SKU: VF09BB3

      Product Description

      Full and natural spectrum lighting can make a difference in your life and you can experience that with the new LED SmartLight Task Floor Lamp by Verilux.

      With over a million units sold, our Verilux floor lamps help you work smarter and with more visual clarity.

      Benefits of Full Spectrum Light

      Built on more than 50 years of scientific research, lamps utilizing full spectrum light can reduce eyestrain when compared to incandescent bulbs.

      Milder on the eyes, these LED bulbs offer strain-free and long lasting lighting.

      If you want, or need, to work or study longer, this lamp reduces glare and allows for less fatigue so you can do just that with no discomfort.

      The Verilux SmartLight LED Floor Lamp features the very best quality lighting available and offers superior color rendering and visual clarity to ensure the task in front of you, be it artwork or reading materials, seem as if they are in the natural daylight outside.

      Added Flexibility

      This lamp’s adjustable neck allows you to position the light directly at your book, computer, or project. The angles at which you can adjust the light are infinite.

      It also includes light intensity and color temperature settings for a truly customized experience.

      the verilux guarantee

      Verilux is a leader in full spectrum lighting solutions and trusted brand.

      Live USA based customer care and support. All of our lamps are ETL certified for independent, worldwide safety recognition and all LED lamps come with a one-year warranty for maximum customer satisfaction.