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Love Your Light

Bringing light to puerto rico

Puerto Rico
Light Relief

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HappyLight Natural Spectrum Light


Compared with lighting indoors, the natural light of the sun is more than 100x brighter. If we can’t get the right dose of sunlight regularly, our sleep cycle is thrown off. Bright light therapy is a sunlight substitute that fights winter blues, energizes you & improves sleep patterns.

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HappyLight Light therapy lamps


Light intensity measured in lux should be 10,000 lux to mimic a bright sunny day. HappyLight by Verilux, delivers healthy, UV free "good for your eyes" natural light that lifts your mood.

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Light therapy lamp Benefits


Our eyes are engineered for the lighting conditions outside. The retina has light receptors wired to our brain, responding happily to outdoor light. HappyLight is a safe light therapy lamp that energizes you when your lifestyle or the weather keeps you indoors.

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