• CleanWave UV-C light tackles biological contaminants without liquids or chemicals
  • Significantly reduce germs, viruses, bacteria, molds and other allergens
  • Reduce pests like bed bugs, fleas and dust mites by removing their eggs from floors

CleanWave® Sanitizing Portable Vacuum

Price: $149.95

Sale: $119.95



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CleanWave<sup>®</sup>  Sanitizing Portable Vacuum
Price: $149.95     Sale: $119.95

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Verilux CleanWave® UVC sanitizing sweepers helps destroy germs, bacteria, and viruses on floor surfaces. Each sweeper is chemical-free and safe for all surfaces. All UVC light products and UV light Wands are cordless and can effectively clean large or small areas for natural sanitization. For high quality dust mite control the sweeper’s handle turns to provide comfortable grip while sweeping under low furniture, and four LED headlights illuminate the path in front of you.