CleanWave Supplemental Sanitizing Tool

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  • Close up of vacuum head - easy to use controls provide effortless transition from carpets to floors.
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  • Ultra-high suction, powered brush roll and germicidal UV light.
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  • Sanitizing vacuum on stairs

Get a Clean You Can Count On

  • Use after your conventional vacuum for ultra-clean, sanitized floors and surfaces
  • Chemical-free:  Ideal for those with asthma, allergies, COPD – or anyone who wants a cleaner living environment
  • Uses UV-C light to kill germs, viruses, bacteria, dust mite eggs and flea eggs†*
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Product restricted from sale to Canada and Hawaii

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  • The Healthy Home Solution

    • Won't warp, dull or damage flooring
    • Snap-in, replaceable filters require no tools
    • Easily transitions from carpet to tile to wood flooring
    • Quiet and efficient bagless operation
    • UV-C sanitizing power head with on-handle brush roll control
    • LED headlights illuminate hard-to-see dust

    Sanitize and Eliminate Odor-Causing Bacteria While You Vacuum

    Reduces germs* and odor-causing bacteria while you vacuum

    Tackles common household odors, including those from pets and the nursery.

    CleanWave Technology is laboratory proven to eliminate up to 99% of  bacteria (like H1N1), viruses (like MRSA), certain allergens (molds), and even bed bug, flea and dust mite eggs on hard surfaces.

    Germ fighting UV technology significantly reduce viruses (like H1N1), bacteria (like MRSA), certain allergens and even bed bug, flea and dust mite eggs.

    Effective on porous surfaces* and safely sanitizes surfaces without chemicals, irritants or residues**

    Easily transitions from carpet to tile to hardwood floors, and won't dull or yellow surfaces

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    †Tested by United States independent third party laboratories, CleanWave Technology is proven to eliminate up to 99% of germs, viruses, molds and pest eggs on hard surfaces. Based on exposure of UV-C light to bacteria, viruses, molds and pest eggs in the laboratory under controlled conditions on hard surfaces.

    *CleanWave Technology has been shown to reduce germs on porous surfaces but effectiveness will vary based on the type of porous surface and soil loading.  UV-C effectiveness depends on direct exposure duration and intensity and must shine on organism to be effective. In the event of bed bug infestation, a qualified pest exterminator should be contacted.

    ** When used as Directed.


  • CleanWave® Sanitizing Bagless Vacuum features:




    Image1 Ultra-high suction, powered brush roll and Germicidal UV light combine to clean, sanitize and deodorize. Image2 Easily transitions from carpets to floors with individual controls for brush roll, Germicidal UV light and floor type.
    Image3 Cyclonic HEPA-12 Multi-Stage Filtration traps pollen, allergens and large and small particles. Image4 Easy to empty, bagless container prevents recirculation of pollutants.
    Image5 Power Control Slider adjusts desired level of suction for carpets, tile or hardwood floors. Image7 Telescoping wand with ergonomic handle including power and suction controls.
    Image5 The lightweight and maneuverable power head makes vacuuming faster and more manageable. Image5 3 Easy-to-Use Attachments: crevice tool, upholstery tool and dusting brush.
  • Which CleanWave is Best for Me?
    FeatureCleanWave Vacuum VH04WW1CleanWave Portable Vac VH07WW1CleanWave Wand VH01WW4CleanWave Portable Wand VH03WW4
    Uses UC-C light to sanitize surfaces
    Destroys odor-causing bacteria
    Large sanitizing area  
    Ideal for hard surfaces
    Ideal for carpeted areas and floors    
    HEPA filtration    
    Crevice tools and attachments    
    Roller-brush and telescoping wand      
      More info... More info... More info... More info...
  • Published Research & Articles

    A Germ Zapper's Guide to Clean Washington Post Thursday, July 24, 2008 Megan Voelkel
    Allergy Attack Prevention Begins at Home Agricultural Communications Texas A&M University System August 29, 2007 Linda Anderson

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