• Eliminate up to 99.9% of germs, viruses, bacteria and dust mites
  • CleanWave Sanitizing Wands deliver 100% chemical-free cleaning
  • Eliminate any musty or stale odors in your furniture and bedding

CleanWave® Portable Sanitizing Wand

Price: $59.95



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CleanWave<sup>®</sup> Portable Sanitizing Wand
Price: $59.95

CleanWave® Sanitizing Portable Vacuum

Price: $149.95

Sale: $119.95



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CleanWave<sup>®</sup>  Sanitizing Portable Vacuum
Price: $149.95     Sale: $119.95

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I enlisted the help of an MD, nurse and a dentist for more in-depth evaluation and feedback.

Bob Skidmore

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Sanitize surfaces quickly and effectively with Verilux CleanWave UV-C Sanitizing Wands. With UV C light output each UV light wand sanitizes biological pollutants by penetrating the membranes and shutting down cellular activity. Verilux UV light sanitizer help eliminate viruses, germs and bacteria on surfaces to provide effective natural relief, and dust mite and flee egg control. Each wand includes a built-in time indicator, an auto shut-off function.. Every UV-C sanitizer is cordless and safe for all surfaces in your home, and provides odorless, chemical-free sanitizing. A rechargeable battery keeps the UV C light wand handy for quick sanitizing and with a single charge the UVC light wand operates up to 60 minutes.