Personal and Portable

  • Keep in a purse, carry-on bag or on a countertop for easy access
  • Uses the same, powerful UV-C light as our larger appliances
  • Use on everyday items such as jewelry, remotes, tweezers and make-up applicators

CleanWave® Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer

Price: $19.95



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CleanWave<sup>®</sup> Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer
Price: $19.95

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Product Story

It has blown my mind how often Darah has gotten sick. Everyone says, “That’s daycare for you. Get used to it!” I’m not so sure that has to be the case

Tiffany Merritt

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Avoid harmful chemicals and sanitize small items conveniently and safely with Verilux CleanWave® sanitizing UV C light products. Every UV light wand provides chemical-free sanitization of pillows, bedspreads, telephones, and hotel fixtures to virtually eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses on these surfaces. UV light wands penetrate membranes of mold, and dust mite and flea eggs with UV C light. Every UV light sanitizer is cordless, safe for all surfaces in your home, and provides natural germ control. The Verilux Sanitizing Portable Wand goes where you do to sanitize. This UV light wand travels easily so you can sanitize surfaces quickly and effectively in public areas. Since Verilux is the leader in UVC light products you can choose from a variety of UV C light wands for use at home or when you travel.