Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

Every effort we give toward conserving resources is significant. Our mission at Verilux is to provide healthy solutions to help improve your vision, wellness, lifestyle and mood without adversely affecting our environment with excessive waste, carbon emissions, harsh chemicals, cleansers and medications.

The global environmental solutions we seek starts with the smallest of changes. Whether it’s changing the light bulbs in our home to energy efficient compact fluorescents or riding a bicycle for short trips to the store. These types of actions influence our community and the movement toward sustainable living.

It’s no longer necessary to use chemicals and carcinogens to clean and sanitize our homes, or prescription drugs to improve our mood or address common ailments. By utilizing the solutions and natural properties of light found in every Verilux product, you can improve your quality of life, your home and the environment.


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Verilux’s innovations and quality manufacturing insure our customers receive the highest quality products in the industry. Investing in reliable, eco-friendly products that you can depend on for many years is always an economical and earth friendly choice.

Bringing Verilux environmentally friendly sanitizing products into your home that are energy efficient, sustainable and reduce your carbon footprint is smart for the environment as well as your pocket book. It is vitally important that we support eco friendly companies in order to minimize impact to the environment. Verilux products use energy saving, healthy applications of light to sanitize your home, improve your mood and enhance the condition of your skin, instead of using harsh chemicals that pollute our land and water supply. Our energy saving compact fluorescent bulbs use one-fifth the energy and last up to twice as long as traditional bulbs. Verilux also donates $1 from the sale of every package of energy saving, earth friendly compact fluorescent bulbs to national environmental organizations. Verilux takes great pride in being one of the many eco friendly companies dedicated to an ecologically sound and improved quality of life.