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Be Cool, Calm and Colorful!

Be Cool, Calm and Colorful!

Speed Up Your Slow Down with the new Verilux ORBit Relaxation Lamp!

  • 1/29/2014

Be Cool, Calm and Colorful!
Speed Up Your Slow Down with the new Verilux ORBit Relaxation Lamp!

INTERNATIONAL HOME AND HOUSEWARES SHOW – March 15, 2014 – Verilux, the Healthy-Lighting Company, is pleased to introduce the ORBit Relaxation Lamp – a wind-down accelerator and ambiance booster. The ORBit is a four-inch by four-inch globe of color: Tap the top, and the ORBit cycles through a calming array of multiple hues of the three primary colors. Tap it again, and the white Natural Spectrum illumination makes ORBit a perfect source of ambient illumination. Use it in Natural Spectrum mode whenever and wherever you want softer light; e.g., at a mellow dinner for two or to accomplish end-of-day personal tasks in a light more calming than the bright ambient light found in most rooms.

ORBit is a conversation starter at social gatherings, a mesmerizing addition to a daily relaxation routine, or a new way to transition into slumber. Use ORBit anywhere you want to wind down or have fun!

Cool running, long-life LEDs supply ORBit’s illumination. Powered by three AA batteries (not included), between battery changes ORBit will cycle through its sequence of Calming Colors for 100 hours or will run for 40 hours in its white light mode.
ORBit’s small size makes it easy to carry: from room-to-room at home or to the office or dorm. And, it’s a great travel companion for softer ambient light in your hotel room.

The ORBit Relaxation Lamp is available at Barnes and Noble stores nationwide, at and at At a suggested retail price of $14.95, ORBit is the perfect impromptu gift or holiday stocking stuffer for folks young and old.

The four-inch by four-inch ORBit Relaxation Lamp from Verilux cycles through an array of hues of the three primary colors or can be used as a relaxing, ambient white light.

About Verilux
Founded in 1956, Verilux, Inc., “The Healthy-Lighting Company,” designs and manufactures environmentally-friendly lifestyle products utilizing Natural Spectrum® lighting technology to improve vision, well-being and environment. A pioneer in light technology products for healthy living, Verilux offers a wide range of high quality home, office, and travel products engineered to improve reading, help alleviate the symptoms associated with seasonal light changes, aid in sleeping, sanitize surfaces without the use of chemicals, and clear and rejuvenate the skin. Visit Verilux online at, and

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