Sleep/Wake Therapy Lights

  • Fall asleep naturally & sleep soundly
  • Wake peacefully & revitalized
  • Remain vibrant & fully energized

Rise & Shine® Serenity Series

Price: $99.95

Sale: $29.95



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Rise & Shine<sup>®</sup> Serenity Series
Price: $99.95     Sale: $29.95

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Everyone knows the feeling of a good night’s sleep. The body’s circadian rhythms provide a sleep/wake cycle that allows us to rest, rejuvenate, repair and re-energize. Ordinary indoor lighting, late night studying and the glow of computer screens can disrupt natural cues and make it difficult to obtain healthy sleep cycles and a healthy night’s sleep. About one in three Americans suffer at least occasional bouts of insomnia, according to the American Insomnia Association, and insomnia treatments abound. Verilux offers light therapy lamps that are natural sleep aids that help the body maintain and regulate its circadian rhythms so that sleep patterns, cognitive functions and energy levels are noticeably and significantly improved. Choosing a natural sleep aid for sleeplessness means you won’t feel the morning grogginess or other side effects that come with many prescription sleep aids. The Rise & Shine Natural Sleep System will help align your natural body clock so you experience restful sleep and energized mornings.