LED 6W Antique Marconi Style Bulb

  • LED 6W Clear Antique Marconi Style Bulb
  • LED 6W Frosted Antique Marconi Style Bulb
  • LED 6W Clear Antique Marconi Style Bulb - in use
  • LED 6W Clear Antique Marconi Style Bulb - in use
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This bulb was designed to mimic the shape of an old radio tube -- as a nod to Guglielmo Marconi, who is generally credited with inventing the radio.   It keeps that classic shape but replaces the Marconi-style filaments with 160 LEDs that provide long-lasting, beautiful Natural Spectrum® illumination for your stylish fixtures – with the trusted performance and quality you can expect from Verilux.   Choose warm/2600s for an ambiance of rich white candlelight or cool/6000s for bright, white daylight.  Available  both clear and frosted.

Winter Blues Dimmable
Works with a broader range of popular dimmers than other LEDs
Winter Blues Omnidirectional
Projects light in all directions for full, even illumination
Winter Blues 15,000-Hour Life*
Based on three hours of use a day, will last almost 14 years
Enhanced Natural Spectrum Light
Enjoy crisp, brilliant elegance in a highly efficient LED bulb that will not detract from your décor. This Brightest White Daylight is ideal for tasking. These classic-looking bulbs offer beautiful, long-lasting illumination for fixtures in your kitchen, exercise room, laundry or work room.
Soft Spectrum Light
Need to unwind? We thought so, so we developed these soft spectrum LEDs to maintain the look of your finest fixtures and project the Warmest White Candlelight. They bring relaxing ambience to your living room, den, foyer or bedroom.
Enhanced Natural Spectrum Light Soft Spectrum Light
*15,000-hour life based on engineering testing and probability analysis. Actual life may vary.
SKU Bulb type /base LEDs /bulb Color temperature /Kelvin* Lumens LED/ Incandescent bulb equivalent  Savings for life of bulb, vs. using incandescent equivalent** Estimated energy cost /year***
LS21C6WVX clear/std. 160 warm/2600 480 6W/40W $56.10 $0.72
LS21F6WVX frosted/std.
LS21C6DVX clear/std. cool/6000
LS21F6DVX frosted/std.

*Kelvin is a measure of color temperature.  The higher the Kelvin rating the cooler the color.

**15,000-hour life based on engineering testing and probability analysis.  Actual life may vary.

***assumes energy cost of $0.11/kWh and three hours of use a day.

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