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If you or a loved one want to do better in school, one place to look for improvement is in the light from the reading lamp he’s using to study.  It might not seem so, but quality lighting can improve productivity and make a huge difference in minimizing the glare and eyestrain that lead to fatigue and compromised performance. 

All Verilux productivity lighting products feature Natural Spectrum® illumination that simulates the best qualities of natural daylight to help you see better.  This is light the eye likes:  It better stimulates more of its photoreceptors, so some of them aren’t working too hard while others have nothing to do – a scenario that causes glare and eyestrain and accelerates fatigue.  Also, a relaxed eye has a smaller pupil that can better focus the light, so it’s in a much-improved environment, conducive to increased visual acuity and processing.

Studies show that students have higher rates of achievement with less stress when they’re in classrooms that have lighting with qualities similar to Natural Spectrum.1  Natural Spectrum lighting in a school setting increased visual acuity (clarity and sharpness of letters) for more than 80 percent of the another study’s participants.2  A third study that involved 101 college students showed significantly improved reading and letter acuity under lighting comparable to Verilux Natural Spectrum reading lamps.3

Find out how better light may lead to better grades.  Check out the full line of Verilux productivity lamps at

“My eyes used to get so tired. I’d fall asleep before I finished a chapter.  But with Verilux, I can read for hours!” -Walt L. Silver Spring, MD

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