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Low Vision Products

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It may start when you’re a child, in your 50s, or – if you’re unusual and lucky – never, but the vast majority of us can expect our vision to deteriorate at some point in our lives.  Culprits can be unfortunate genes or conditions like macular degeneration.  Either way, at some point, chances are you’ll need some form of reading aid to decipher that small print or other help to thread that needle. 

What to do?  Of course, be prudent with your eyes and see an Ophthalmologist regularly.  But also give your eyes every opportunity to best see what’s in front of you.  Lighting makes a big difference, and, while many people don’t know it, there are various types of light – some that can greatly improve how well you see. 

All Verilux vision products feature Natural Spectrum® illumination that mimics the best qualities of natural daylight to help you see better.  This is light the eye likes:  It better stimulates more of its photoreceptors, so some of them aren’t working too hard while others have nothing to do – a scenario that causes glare and eyestrain and accelerates fatigue.  Also, a relaxed eye has a smaller pupil that can better focus the light, so you have an eye that’s in a much improved environment for increased visual acuity and processing.

In fact, a study of 61- to 66-year-olds showed significant increases in visual performance when using light comparable to Verilux Natural Spectrum Lighting.Another study found reading speeds increased by 20 percent in an analysis of 45- to 55-year-olds using lighting in the Natural Spectrum range. 

There’s sure to be a Verilux Natural Spectrum lamp that’s ideal for your situation.  Take a look at

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“My 82-year-old cousin is losing his eyesight. I sent him a Verilux lamp. He called to tell me he could see much better.” -MaryAnne. No. Carolina



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