ReadyLight Rechargeable LED Lantern

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Forever Daylight

  • Uses Natural Spectrum Light to Improve Vision & Reduce Eyestrain
  • Safely Illuminates Vehicles & Tents
  • Use for Hours on a Single Charge
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  • Daylight Whenever You Need It

    • Enjoy the benefits of Natural Spectrum Daylight on the go with this portable, rechargeable lantern.
    • Ideal for camping, reading, entertaining, emergencies and more.
    • Provides hours of bright Natural Spectrum Daylight to safely illuminate areas for reading, precision work or ambiance.
    • Single-touch brightness control allows you to dim the light to preserve battery power or illuminate the space to your liking.
    • Built-in long life rechargeable battery and charges by simply plugging it into any USB port with the provided cable.
    • Optional wall charger available.

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  • ReadyLight™ Rechargeable LED Lantern features:

    • Single touch brightness control.
    • 12 Natural Spectrum® LED bulb provide 70 lumens of illumination.
    • Durable, drop resistant construction.
    • Built-in long life rechargeable battery.
    • USB cable.
    • Height - 6.75".
    • Width - 3.75".
    • Weight - 0.55 lbs.
    • 90 day limited warranty.
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