EasyRead Natural Spectrum Illuminated Magnifier

  •  Easyread illuminated magnifier
  • Bottom view of Easyread illuminated magnifier
  • Top view of Easyread illuminated magnifier
  • Easyread illuminated magnifier in case with cloth
  •  Easyread illuminated magnifier
  • Easyread illuminated magnifier - in use
  • Easyread illuminated magnifier - in use

See Bigger, Brighter and Better

  • 2.5X & 5X Dual Magnification
  • Two Powerful LEDs Illuminate Reading Surface (Two AAA Batteries Not Included)
  • High-quality, Optical Grade Lens
  • Protective Case & Lens Cloth
SKU(s):  VM04BB4
Price:  $19.95

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See Up Close and Clear

  • 2.5- or 5-times magnification with the comfortable, handheld EasyRead™ Natural Spectrum® Illuminated Magnifier.
  • Natural Spectrum light, an optical quality lens and two LEDs make it easy to see everything from the newspaper to the fine print on medications and installation instructions.
  • Use for everyday tasks; also keep one in your car to read maps, manuals, whatever else you need to see clearly.
  • Padded case with zipper.
  • Polishing cloth.

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The Verilux EasyRead™ Natural Spectum® Illuminated Magnifier features:

  • 2 LED Bulbs evenly light every page with Natural Spectrum high contrast illumination for better vision, even in dim light
  • 5X spot magnification lens
  • 9.5" H x 4.25" W x 1" D
  • Weight - 13 oz.
  • Includes a padded case and lens cloth to protect and clean your magnifier

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My reading enjoyment is 100 percent better when I use the Verilux EasyRead Natural Spectrum Illuminated Magnifier.

Phil L.

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