Neodymium Incandescent Light Bulbs


  • Clean, beautiful neodymium incandescent light
  • Neodymium glass filters out yellow light, resulting in a whiter light that is more like sunlight
  • Last up to seven times longer than ordinary incandescent bulbs
  • Reduce glare, eyestrain, and see colors more accurately

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Verilux full spectrum light bulbs and incandescent and energy efficient light bulbs offer the closest replication of natural daylight available. Made of hand blown glass, these unique full spectrum light bulbs contain Neodymium, a unique earth element that filters out the excessive yellow part of the light spectrum to which our eyes are most sensitive. All Verilux bulbs are energy efficient light bulbs and earth-friendly. Long lasting Verilux Natural Spectrum® Neodymium incandescent light bulbs are the closest simulation of daylight available in any full spectrum light bulbs. Verilux full spectrum light bulbs fit standard or candelabra lighting fixtures. Verilux Full Spectrum decorative bulbs last two times longer than ordinary incandescent bulbs (2,000 hours), while each Verilux Full Spectrum standard and reflector flood incandescent light bulb last five times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs (5,000 hours). These Verilux bulbs have a solid brass base with nickel plating and the incandescent bulbs resist oxidation and corrosion. Verilux full spectrum light bulbs will save you energy and the planet.