• Healthy, balanced Natural Spectrum light
  • See greater contrast and truer colors with less effort and irritation.
  • Plants, tropical fish, amphibians and reptiles benefit from Natural Spectrum lighting
Natural Spectrum Fluorescent Medium Bipin
Price: $51.00 - $144.00     Sale: $69.95
Full Spectrum LED Tube
Price: $99.00     Sale: $39.95

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Engineered to reproduce all the colors and balance of natural light, Verilux full spectrum fluorescent tubes feature Trucolite Phosphor Technology™, a unique blend of earth phosphors that filter out any imbalance to increase contrast, show true color and reduce glare. The fluorescent tubes, like energy efficient light bulbs, are environmentally conscious and will help you reduce your carbon footprint. Utilize fluorescent lighting in your home to save hundreds of dollars a year on electricity. Unlike traditional light bulbs, full spectrum light bulbs bring Natural Spectrum Daylight indoors, and are long lasting and energy efficient. All fluorescent lights are available in T8 and T12 diameters in most standard lengths for your fluorescent light fixture. Depending on the T8 or T12 you can accumulate anywhere from 14000 – 26000 hours of fluorescent lighting. All of these full spectrum light bulbs are available in 15 to 40 Watts and can be used in a fluorescent light fixture at home or work. Verilux fluorescent lights and energy efficient light bulbs will reduce eyestrain and fatigue and help you enjoy what you do for longer periods of time.