Lamps and Lighting

  • Every floor lamp utilizes Natural Spectrum® lighting
  • Delivers the brightness, contrast and clarity needed for reading, hobbies and detail work
  • Eliminating any strobe-like flicker effect that contributes to eyestrain and headaches
  • Brings daylight indoors allowing you to work more efficiently
  • You deserve a high-quality Verilux lamp in your home and office
  • Provide the highest quality light and features available
  • Provide pure Verilux Natural Spectrum® light
  • Enjoy crafting for longer periods of time without eyestrain or fatigue
  • Helps enhance vision, productivity and fosters an overall sense of well-being
  • Natural Spectrum® light in a variety of environmentally friendly solutions
  • Use in your car, on a plane, train or while camping or boating
  • Enjoy Natural Spectrum® light when you’re without electrical service
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DeXa Natural Spectrum LED Lamp

Price: $129.95



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Tazza Productivity Desk Lamp

Price: $39.95



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We are very satisfied with the Verilux clamp lamp.

Laurie K.

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 For over 50 years, Verilux has been utilizing the full light spectrum of natural light to improve lives and vision by providing full spectrum lamps for optimal reading, hobby and task lighting. Verilux lamps and lighting products are engineered to operate without glare, flicker or that annoying buzzing sound. Your eyes respond more efficiently to the scotopically balanced light and you experience improved vision, greater contrast, truer colors and less eyestrain and fatigue. It’s a scientific fact: our eyes function most effectively in natural daylight. And Verilux full spectrum lighting was developed with this in mind to make visually demanding tasks easier to perform. Natural Spectrum® Daylight, which is our patented form of full spectrum light, uses specific wavelengths within a higher spectrum of visible light that effectively mimic natural daylight. The result is enhanced clarity and contrast of reading material, projects, crafts and other tasks. Often imitated, never duplicated, Verilux was the first company to bring natural light indoors and remains the industry leader in full spectrum lighting. All Verilux full spectrum floor lamps and full spectrum desk lamps. are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee as well as a full one-year warranty.