2 Pack- Pagelight Natural Spectrum Flat Panel Book Light

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  • The PageLightâ„¢ evenly illuminates each page while marking your place!

    Bright, natural light is spread gently across the page from a flat panel screen lit by LED Natural Spectrum® lights. Measuring 7" x  6", it's just the right size for a paperback, but sheds enough light for a hardcover book or magazine without glare.

    Read easily in bed or on dimly lit planes or trains without disrupting others around you. The PageLight features a dimming switch to adjust the intensity of light and serves as a page marker for your book.

  • PageLightâ„¢ Natural Spectrum® Flat Panel Book Light features:

    • Light is spread evenly across the flat panel screen and illuminates each page without glare
    • Light stays on the page and provides excellent black and white contrast
    • Built-in dimmer switch allows you to adjust the light level as preferred
    • 3-AAA batteries (sold separately) provide up to 50 hours of reading pleasure
    • 1-year limited warranty
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