Brookfield Natural Spectrum Reading Floor Lamp

  • Verilux Brookfield Full Spectrum Floor Lamp
  • Nickel - Verilux Brookfield Full Spectrum Floor Lamp - Bright Full Spectrum Light for Reading
  • Brookfield switch
  • Brookfield head
  • Close-up of Optix
  • Verilux Brookfield Full Spectrum Floor Lamp
  • Verilux Brookfield Full Spectrum Floor Lamp - Bright Full Spectrum Light for Reading

Read, Task, Work and Excel...Naturally

  • Read faster with greater comprehension
  • Focus longer without glare, eyestrain or fatigue
  • Work smarter, with improved vision & productivity
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    • Fashioned after apothecary lamps first unveiled at the 1904 St. Louis World Exposition, the Brookfield™ is a true classic design.
    • Clean and balanced Natural Spectrum light brings daylight indoors for illumination with greater contrast and true color rendering.
    • Flicker Elimination Technology™ and Optix® Glare Control virtually eliminate fatigue and eyestrain.
    • Energy-efficient lighting system provides the equivalent of 150 watts of incandescent illumination from an 26-watt bulb.
    • The lamp head rotates and tilts for perfect positioning, and a counterbalanced handle makes raising and lowering the extended shaft a breeze.
    • Solid metal construction and choice of beautiful finishes provide years of service and reliability.

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  • The Brookfield™ Natural Spectrum® Floor Lamp features:

    • Flicker Elimination Technology® provides steady illumination without eye straining flicker
    • Verilux Optix® glare reduction system provides comfort without eyestrain
    • Ergonomic design allows easy height and light direction
    • Verilux 26 Watt Fluorescent Natural Spectrum® 10,000 hour bulb
    • 30-day money back guarantee
    • Lamp Height: 41”-61.5”
    • Base Diameter: 11”
    • Head Dimensions: 7” x 4.5”
    • Weight: 15.8 lbs.
    • UL listed in United States and Canada
    • One year limited warranty
    • Replacement Bulb: CFS26GU24VLX Spiral Fluorescent 26 Watt Replacement Bulb
  • Which Floor Lamp is Best for Me?
    FeatureOriginal VF01EasyFlex VF02Brookfield VF08Heritage VF03
    Spectrally enhanced Natural Spectrum Daylight
    Flicker Elimination Technology
    No-buzz operation
    Adjustable neck to direct light right where it's needed
    Electronic ballast ensures no power is used when the lamp is off
    High-Low brightness setting  
    Light Diffuser for glare control
    Multi-directional swivel head  
    Optix Glare Control    
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