Troika Natural Spectrum LED Desk Lamp

  • Troika LED Desk LAMP
  • Troika LED Desk LAMP
  • Troika folded
  • Troika - folding view
  • Troika LED Desk LAMP
  • Troika LED Desk LAMP
  • Troika LED Desk LAMP

Read, Task, Work and Excel…Naturally

  • Increase Productivity, Focus & Performance
  • Reduce Glare, Eyestrain & Fatigue
  • Sharpen Vision, Colors & Contrast
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  • Natural Spectrum® Daylight illumination from 72 LEDs improves color and clarity.
  • Flicker Elimination Technology® reduces eyestrain and fatigue.
  • Optix® Filtering System prevents glare and lessens eyestrain.
  • Lamp head adjusts 180° for precise placement of light.
  • Built-in night light or ambient light.
  • Sleek, contemporary design and rich graphite finish blend with any décor.
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The Troika™ LED Desk Lamp features:

  • Eco-friendly, energy efficient LED bulbs provide Natural Spectrum® Daylight illumination
  • Flicker Elimination Technology® and Optix® filtering system to lessen eyestrain and prevent glare
  • Lamp head adjusts 180°
  • Switch: On/Off/Night Light
  • Graphite Finish
  • Height: 14.5” Head Length: 16” Base Diameter: 6.75”
  • Base measures 6.75” in diameter
  • Head length: 16”
  • ABS Plastic
  • UL Listed

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