Shelburne Deluxe Natural Spectrum Executive Desk & Computer Lamp

  • Shelburne full spectrum executive desk lamp in nickel - great as a reading lamp or work lamp
  • Princeton full spectrum desk lamp and reading lamp has an Optix filter to stop glare
  • Shelburne Deluxe Natural Spectrum Executive Desk and Computer Lamp- Antique Brass on
  • Antique Brass
  • Shelburne full spectrum desk lamp uses an Optix filter for no glare and better clarity
This item is no longer available.

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Enjoy the convenience of plugging your computer into the computer port and power supply on the base of your desk lamp.The Shelburne™ Deluxe Natural Spectrum® Executive Desk lamp features a grounded AC outlet and an RJ45 Ethernet outlet, combined with full spectrum lighting and energy efficiency.

The Shelburne Deluxe Natural Spectrum Executive Desk & Computer lamp provides:

  • Flexible shade adjustment
  • Full Spectrum daylight illumination
    • increases black-and-white contrast
    • renders colors in their true tones
  • Flicker-Elimination Technology® and an advanced electronic ballast
  • Elegant design modeled after early 20th Century Banker's Lamps
  • Hand-finished antiqued brass or antiqued nickel finishes
  • 1-year limited warranty
Replacement Bulb - CFML27VLX
The Shelburne™  Deluxe Natural Spectrum® Executive Desk & Computer lamp features:
  • Patented Trucolite Phosphor Technology® brings daylight indoors for the best reading and project light
  • 27W bulb produces 150 W of light and lasts 10,000 hours - more than 10 times the life of traditional bulbs, and reduces energy costs
  • Electronic ballast with Flicker Elimination Technology® provides instant-on illumination 
  • Head turns 180 degrees 

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