Original Natural Spectrum Desk Lamp

  • Original deluxe desk lamp
  • Original deluxe desk lamp - graphite
  • Original Natural Spectrum Parabolic Light Diffuser
  • Natural Spectrum 27 Watt Bulb

Read, Task, Work and Excel...Naturally

  • Read faster with greater comprehension
  • Focus longer without glare, eyestrain or fatigue
  • Work smarter, with improved vision & productivity
This item is no longer available.

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  • Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

    After 50 years of research, the Verilux Original Natural Spectrum Desk Lamp is a delight for sore eyes! It not only provides the best properties of natural daylight indoors, but it also helps to eliminate glare, eyestrain and fatigue.

    Scientifically Tuned to the Human Eye™

    The back of the human eye has light receptors, called cones and rods, located in the retina. Cones respond to different color wavelengths and rods handle depth perception and contrast. Under typical interior lights the rods and cones are not well stimulated, which can cause visual fatigue. With the Verilux Original Natural Spectrum Desk Lamp, the eye responds more efficiently improving comprehension, productivity and focus.

    Patented 10,000-Hour 27 Watt Bulb - CFML27VLX

    Parabolic Light Diffuser

    sleep cycle

    Rise and Shine Features

  • The Original Natural Spectrum® Desk Lamp features:

    • 27 Watt Natural Spectrum® 10,000-hour bulb with Trucolite Phosphor Technology® to produce full spectrum indoor light
    • Parabolic Light Diffuser to shield eyes from straining glare
    • Flicker Elimination Technology® for steady illumination without eye straining flicker
    • Best-in-class ballast system to assure no annoying buzzing sound or light flicker, and to minimize power waste
    • Adjustable height and flexible gooseneck for precise direction of light
    • 30-day money back guarantee
    • Height: adjusts between 15” and 26.5”
    • Base: 9.6” L x 7” W
    • Head: 9.5”x 5.75” x 1.75”
    • Cord Length: 6’
    • Weight: 3 lbs
    • cETL listed in United States and Canada
    • One year limited warranty
    • Replacement Bulb: CFML27VLX10K Natural Spectrum 27 Watt Replacement Bulb
  • Which Desk Lamp is Best for Me?
    FeatureSmartLight VD12Original VD01Brookfield VD08Heritage VD03
    Spectrally enhanced Natural Spectrum Daylight
    Flicker Elimination Technology
    No-buzz operation
    Adjustable neck to direct light right where it's needed
    Electronic ballast ensures no power is used when the lamp is off
    High-Low brightness setting    
    Light Diffuser for glare control  
    Multi-directional swivel head  
    Optix Glare Control    
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