EasyRead Magnifying Desk Lamp

  • EasyRead Magnifying LED Desk Lamp
  • Side view of the EasyRead Magnifying LED Desk Lamp
  • EasyRead Magnifying LED Desk Lamp
  • Top view of the EasyRead Magnifying LED Desk Lamp
  • EasyRead Magnifying LED Desk Lamp
  • EasyRead Magnifying LED Desk Lamp in use
  • EasyRead Magnifying LED Desk Lamp in use

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  • 2.25x Hands-free Illumination from 72 Bright LEDs
  • LEDs Emit No Heat & Use Far Less Energy Than Conventional Bulbs
  • Durable, Universal-jointed Neck for Easily Adjustable, Glare-free Illumination
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    • Enjoy hobbies, crosswords or just get a closer look – with ease and style.
    • 72 bright Natural Spectrum LEDs flood the work area with light for sharp detail with no eyestrain.
    • Energy-efficient LEDs emit no heat and use far less energy than conventional bulbs.
    • A universal-jointed neck quickly adjusts to provide glare-free illumination.
    • Five-inch diameter, crystal-clear lens provides 2.25x magnification.
    • Lens cover closes to use as a conventional lamp.
    • Includes utility compartments in its base for handy access to pens and other supplies.

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  • EasyRead™ Magnifying LED Desk Lamp features:

    • Flip-up dust cover exposes powerful 5-inch, optic-quality glass lens that provide 2.25x hands-free illuminated magnification for reading, hobbies, and detailed tasks
    • 72 LED super-bright lights provide stunning clarity to the finest details and remain cool to the touch
    • Universal-jointed neck and adjustable lamp head adjust to let you work in the ideal ergonomic and most comfortable position
    • Energy-efficient LEDs are non-toxic and contains no mercury or lead
    • Convenient base-tray depressions keep pens and other supplies handy
    • Great for reading, hobbies, and examining documents, maps, photographs and collectibles
    • Weighted base provides valuable stability on any desk top
    • UL Listed

    Crystal Clear Optics without Eyestrain
    The EasyRead Magnifying LED Desk Lamp has 72 ultra-bright LEDs that flood an area with light for sharper detail that prevents eyestrain and makes it easier to read or perform tasks. Flip up the top to expose a powerful magnifier for fine print or an extra-close look.

    Adjustable, Glare-Free Illumination
    With its durable universal-jointed neck, the EasyRead Magnifying LED Desk Lamp provides bright light without any glare and adjusts quickly and easily. Use the handy Allen wrench (included) for stay-in-place adjustment.

    Energy-Efficient LEDs
    To save you money and help protect the environment, this lamp uses energy-efficient LEDs. They emit little or no heat when compared to incandescent lamps, so you can use the lamp comfortably for extended periods.

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