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Sanitizing with Light

I am very happy with my Verilux CleanWave UV-C Sanitizing Sweeper.  We have a black Lab farm dog, Maggi, who loves to roam the fields with the cows. Needless to say, the rug she sleeps on had a strong "doggy" odor, and needed frequent washings.  After using the CleanWave Sweeper on her bed, the odor disappeared!  I was amazed at the instant results. Also, our whole house smells much fresher and cleaner now that I use the sweeper on all our floors and carpets."

Helen M. Virginia

Light Therapy

Dear Verilux,

I am very pleased with my "Happy Lite Sunshine Simulator Deluxe"! I would like to order a new bulb for it and I hope I'll receive it soon!

Peter, Saint Marys, KS

I was having trouble sleeping and my doctor suggested I use light therapy. I started using a HappyLight and noticed a difference immediately. I started to fall asleep earlier and stay asleep all night. I don't feel sleepy during the day anymore either. I would recommend this light to anyone with sleep problems.


Dear Verilux,

I have fought severe chronic depression for over twenty years and this is the one and only thing (HappyLight) I have found that has helped me feel better in the winter or anytime I start to get depressed.

I grew up in Ohio/Michigan/Indiana and remember feeling "badly" even at the age of 12, beginning each November and lasting until spring, when the days grew longer and the sun reappeared.

I moved to Florida many years ago, but still suffer in the winter, when the weather becomes damp and chilly and overcast for days on end. My therapist suggested I purchase a S.A.D. lamp, and I am so very glad I did!

I am grateful I made the decision to purchase this particular lamp because it is large enough to provide light to my head down to my chest, even though the cost was a bit more. My mental well-being is worth any price. As the documentation that came with the lamp stated, I DID begin to feel better in JUST ONE WEEK. Truly amazing.

I may not need the lamp in the summer when the weather here is warm and sunny every day, but if I do, I am glad I have it.

Happy! Dunedin, FL

I have purchased the blue light for my parents because they have insomnia and I just want to let you know how well it works for them. I am a physician and often prescribe medication for insomnia and I found this might be an good alternative to med.


Dear Verilux,

I just wanted to thank you for your kind and prompt customer service. Both of the customer service representatives that I spoke with were kind and very responsive. My new HappyLite Mini works perfectly and I just love it. I will certainly recommend your product to friends.

Meagan, Washington, DC

Dear Folks at Verilux,

I am writing to express my joy about purchasing your product, the Rise & Shine Natural Alarm lamp Bedside Lamp. Your lamp made mornings pure happiness. My Husband and I can't get enough of the sound and light quality, as well as beautiful design.

E. Svetova

Lamps and Lighting

Verilux lamps "provide a high level of visual clarity and accommodative comfort. I highly recommend them."

Sam M. Berman, Ph.D.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Dear Verilux,

We have numerous Verilux lamps at home. My daughter uses your lamps almost exclusively for her studies.

James A., Massachusetts

Dear Verilux,

I wanted to thank you for standing behind your product. I purchased a Clamp Lamp from you about 15 months ago and it stopped working. You sent me a replacement lamp free. It is rare that a company stands behind there product as you do. You are to be commended for this. I will recommend Verilux to everyone I know.

Thank you again,

Russ N.

Just to let you know, I've ordered from you a number of times. We have 4 of your lamps in the house right now. They're wonderful.

Linda B., California

Dear Verilux,

I just want you to let y'all know how very much I enjoy your products. I am legally blind and right away I noticed the headaches from eye strain were gone!

When your catalog came up with the magnifier (and free tray - very handy) I had to have this lamp! I just received it and it was so very easy to assemble - thank you for that as at 73 my hands are a bit arthritic. I am so pleased with the magnifier that I plan to get another just like this one - magnifier, tray and all. I really appreciate the ergonomic handle (with my bad hands). The lamp allows me to concentrate the light in one spot - but there is an ambience crested so the room is lit also.

I want y'all to also know how kind and caring everyone I spoke with was to me - no rushing - very patient with my TTY/relay call - as I am deaf.

As I said, I really do plan to get one more lamp like this one thus I'll have 3 lamps - rightly placed to safely and smoothly light up my apt.

Your friends, God keep y'all
Lynne and Gretchen, Rochester, NY

Dear Verilux,

I was recently given one of your nice floor lamps by the "Lions Low Vision Center" in Bristol, Connecticut. I find it very helpful in reading with my impaired vision.

It's so nice to know your company has generously donated these lamps. I certainly appreciate it. Thank you so much.

Sincerely Yours,
Virginia, Canton CT

I use Verilux in my office. Verilux lighting offers superior brightness and light quality."

Dr. Paul Freeman, O.D.

Dear Verilux, Inc.,

Thank you so much for omitting the shipping charge for our resident, Mr. Beatty's order. The Verilux lamp enables him to read, and as he says, he cannot live without reading. You are indeed spreading the light!

Yours sincerely,
Rev. Ieva Zadina
Director of Pastoral Care and Outreach
Brooklyn United Methodist Church Home

Dear Verilux,

I love your lights! I have been using them for 32 years! The artwork on the cover of this letter was painted under your lights as well as sunlight. You can check out my artwork on my website: www.eileenseitz.com.

Thank you,
Eileen Seitz, Coconut Grove, FL

My hobby is wood-turning and with my Verilux lamp I can see even fine scratches that need
to be polished out.

Bob H., Vienna, VA

Look to the sunshine
Look to the light
It makes life worth living
To see such a sight
Happiness comes along the way
Such a spectrum of beautiful light

Marlene, Corry, PA

Customer Service 

Dear Verilux,

You have restored my faith in Mankind with your customer service. Thanks.

Joan, Bluefield, WV

Dear Verilux,

Thank you!!! Your wonderful service has motivated me to buy another lamp for my desk at work!!


Hi. I just wanted to commend your company for such unrivaled customer service. The lady whom I spoke with was very nice, polite and easy to work with. I will purchase from your company again. Thanks.

Tate, University of Minnesota

Dear Verilux, Inc. Customer Service,

Thank you for handling my order in a very professional manner. I was very impressed with your one on one contact, considering that you have been processing thousands of orders in the last month or so. It is very refreshing to deal with a company that goes out of their way to satisfy each customer's problem in such a timely manner. As a former manager, I know that people/workers can make or break a company. Please pass my comments on to your supervisor.

Thanks again,
Ryland, (Former Military/Federal Supervisor)
King George, VA

Dear Madam/Sir,

This is to thank Verilux customer service department for their very prompt filling of my order for a bulb to fit the Natural Spectrum Floor Lamp. I mailed in the order and received my new bulb in nine days! I was very relieved, as this lamp provides the main light in my apartment. I appreciate the attention that was paid to my request.

Michele, New York, NY

Dear Verilux, Inc.,

I have had many experiences - both good and bad - with companies over my 65 years, but never have I had as good an experience as with Verilux. You went out of your way to help me solve my lamp problem and promptly replaced it when all else failed. Thank you so much for your courtesy and attention.

Mark, Charotte, NC

Dear Verilux, Inc.,

Thank you. It is a pleasure to deal with people with old fashion values. I was a construction manager for a large international company. I can not believe the decline in how business is conducted today. Again, thank you.

Charles, Aiken, SC

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