Meet the President

Meet the President


Nicholas Harmon - President

Nicholas Harmon, President and Chief Happiness Officer of Verilux, Inc. since 1991, has been instrumental in developing Verilux as the leading brand of the emerging Healthy Lighting category: Light Therapy and Full Spectrum Lighting. Throughout his tenure, Verilux has developed deep and lasting relationships with numerous key figures in science and industry; elevating Verilux to its highly regarded and respected position today. Nicholas holds a BA in Economics from Columbia University and a MS from Northwestern University. Having traveled extensively both domestically and internationally for over 40 years, Nicholas has a well-rounded understanding of socioeconomics, world affairs, commerce, manufacturing and market conditions. Nicholas’s deep reverence for the environment, innovation, social consciousness and fair business relations has helped guide him through his career. He is constantly striving for innovation and thoughtful development at Verilux. Our beautiful HQ offices in Vermont, and Minnesota are most pleasant: light filled, clean and happy. This is important to Nicholas and he feels is an important reflection upon Verilux. Nicholas enjoys the Vermont lifestyle with his family; skiing in the Winter at Sugarbush and sailing the beautiful pristine waters of Lake Champlain; the 6th largest lake in the United States, in the Summer.

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